Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm a self professed bad blogger LOL

Amazing how time gets away from you! And yep my blog has once again fallen to the side along with it. I haven't blogged since November so lets see if I can do a catch up on all the the goings-on.
Our birthdays in December and Chistmas/ New Years was a huge bomb. I was sick and so dead tired it was awful for the first two weeks of December.. then Shane caught it and that killed the last two weeks. We literally did nothing for that entire month but be sick! In the meanwhile my future bil and his girlfriend got engagement on Christmas Day. It was a little weird on the timing considering my fiance proposed Christmas Eve last year. And his parents acted very differently to our engagement compared to theirs. Our's.. they were less than thrilled. We came over Christmas Day and all they could say was oh.. well that's nice. (and his dad could barely crack a smile) Theirs.. huge excitement. Screaming.. jumping up and down and champagne all around. (which I don't get considering they rarely call unless they want something and generally look down their noses at everyone and we're always doing favors and helping out and general are around and are pretty down to earth.. money and status don't impress me much)
At anyrate long story short.. we finally started seeing his parents in a different light and over time they're going to start seeing how we're not to be helping out or are around as much as we used to be.
So here came the new year and now I'm listening to bil's new fiance boast and brag on getting married this year and how big and beautiful a wedding they're going to have and how she's going to loose all this weight (and then she threw down a gauntlet she's yet to realize was picked up.. more on that later) And basically making me want to throttle her every time I'm around her. What can I say.. she's always boasting she's a huge bitch blah blah blah.. and always wants to one up everyone, including me which drives me batty cause I really don't like her at all to begin with so why would I care what she does.. until she decided to make it personal.
Ok so here's the gauntlet.. basically while she gave me a christmas present (belately cause of all the sickness in December) they gave me two nice tops.. and then she shits on the gesture by saying she has a hard time finding the biggest sizes and that I dress so "colourfully" that she didn't want to get me something that is "normal" And believe me she wasn't trying to be nice when she said it. I said basically nothing after that while she went on bragging about her new personal trainer and the small amount of weight she's lost off her fat ass. While I tried to not snarl at her. I thought you Bitch! you know what? I'm going to toss this weight and look far better than you on your damn wedding day! You want a fight lady you got one.. and I hit the gym the next day. Now I do have other reasons for loosing this weight.. namely I'm tired of being overweight, I want to have energy and be healthier and stronger and also I want to get my body ready cause I finally got an RE appt next month (hang on to your hats.. I'm going back to the fertlity clinic!) but mostly every damn time that idiot opens her big mouth I want her to know I'm doing kicking her fat ass every step of the way. She has no idea the kind of enemy she just made. So I've lost 5 lbs so far in a less than 2 weeks. I figure I'll not tell anyone on that side of the family and my fiance has promised to keep his mouth shut about this weight loss gauntlet I'm on. It's funny.. I want to healthy and sexy for my wedding/ honeymoon but when I'm in the gym seeing her face everytime she tries to brag and realizing she's done nothing compared to me drives me harder and makes me stay on the exercise equipment longer and longer every time. LOL

So I'll be posting in more often cause i want to keep track of this goal.. wish me luck!

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