Friday, November 19, 2010

Wow been a very long time!

I guess you could call it a long break or hiatus but really time's just been getting away from me over the last 4+ months. My fiance got his trucking job and there's been a fair amount of adjusting with that. {especially since he works midnights and long hours.. and is shortly going to long haul- out 5-6 days, home for 2) but it's all good.. he loves it and it's solving some income issues that were really beating us down over the past 6 months.

Let's see what else has been going on?.. oh! we're planning to move soon. So I've been busy packing and sorting through all our stuff. My fiance is a horrible pack rat so I usually sort and chuck old useless stuff when he's working lol I'm going stop it soon and get this place cleaned up to start decorating for Christmas shortly.

Crap forgot it's trash day... I'll blog again soon!

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