Friday, July 16, 2010

first meeting with the dietitian

She seemed nice but definitely wants me to cut down the junk food, high fat and high sugared foods. She also showed me what I should be eatting portion wise and told me I definitely need to sdd more veggies, fruit and trade off the liquid sugar drinks and find healthier alternatives (slurpees and pre-made ice tea apparently are big no nos) it's going to take some adjustments seeing how I also have to deal with Shane and his lousy taste in food (that man eats like a 5 year old most days I swear) That and she wants me to slowly reintroduce some exercise back in (she's saying slowly mostly due to the extreme heat and humidity that's been going on this summer as well as I've been not been really physically active in years) but I guess consistancy is key to winning this battle. And I'm soo ready to dump some of this weight. That and as she scanned my medical history and all the recent tests I've had done, she realized my thyroid is yet again too low and my TSH levels are really high (she tried to explain it to me how that worked but odds are I'll have to see if I can figure it out online cause it was too confusing) I don't get why the heck my dr didn't have the medical centre call me and let me know I have to get an increase on the the thyroid meds again. HMMM..figures!
She also gave me a list of healthy alternative snacks (cause sometimes I just don't feel like making and eatting a whole meal especially in this heat) I also have to start keeping a food/ exercise journal so I can be accountable. Should be interesting to say the least.

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