Thursday, July 15, 2010

A change will do you good

I need some changes! Ever had it where life has gone stale? You're sick of staying put but at the same time you have no idea where you want to go or what you want to do when you finally get there. I don't know how I got into this god-awful rut but I'm ready for change.
Shane's not having much luck this far with the trucking companies which is disconcerting. He came home from an interview today and was pretty upset because he did the interview and road test without any issues but told him ultimately he didn't have enough experience! (and this is not an uncommon response.. like how the heck are you supposed to get experience when no one will hire you because of that exact problem? STUPID) On the up note he did get a job in a restaurant as a line cook (he went to chef school and whole nine yards.. the boy's got skills) And it helps he's getting major hours but he's miserable and driving me bonkers with his bad and negative attitude. (just suck it up and get it done! jeez)

I have an appointment tomorrow with the dietitian and I already know she's going to have a field day with the weeks worth of meals, food and beverages I had to write down. (I have a slurpee fetish this summer... can't get enough of the damn things)
I think the two pounds I've lost lately is just sweating lol this place is a sauna in the summer.

I'm getting ready to start going back to work.. and more than likely off to college cause I can't see Shane pulling us out of this rut tho it'll mean the end of ttc'ing cause I'm not going to kill myself getting a college education and new career only to get knocked up at the end of it. It saddens me but at the same time I had a feeling awhile ago that this would be the end result. I love the man dearly but he's just not seemingly able to pull through financially. And I've always been a strong driven person that isn't satisfied with mediorce results or worse.. failure.

Aside from all this I think I will compile a list of things to accomplish, kinda like the 101 things list I had before accidentally deleting all my blog posts. Only shorter and more realistic for what I hope to accomplish in the next 2 years.

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